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    Tiger Hill Capital is a business-building partner to early-stage digital health and medical device companies that have the potential to dramatically enhance the quality, productivity and access to Healthcare. Our international team delivers a long-term program of strategy, business development, capital-raising and organizational solutions to help portfolio companies achieve rapid global growth. We also provide strategic consulting services to large Life Sciences and Healthcare IT companies in the areas of growth, commercialization, and innovation.

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    skSkipta is a universe of social networks for verified health care professionals in specific specialty areas. Skipta provides members with reliable information from trusted resources and allows them to collaborate with peers.  Skipta provides an effective medium for life sciences companies to engage in dialogue with physicians.

    snapmdSnapMD is a cloud-based, regulatory-compliant telemedicine solution that connects patients directly with health care providers and helps to alleviate the problems of physician shortages and escalating costs of care.  The solution provides insurance resolution and medical records functionality which enables seamless integration into the medical protocols of most healthcare providers.

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