Tiger Hill Capital 2014 Annual Review

Tiger Hill Capital  – 2014 Annual Review

The Firm

2014 has been a strong year of growth and development for Tiger Hill Capital Group. The firm has grown to 10 Partners who collectively bring expertise in the areas of Healthcare, Energy & Industrials, Luxury, Food and Talent & Communications. Our team completed two significant business-building transactions and over 40 consulting engagements with clients ranging from Sovereign Wealth Funds and Fortune 500 corporations to innovative, early-stage growth companies. We have offices in London and Dubai with a third office set to open in New York in the New Year.

The Business Model

THC is a business-building partner to investors and corporations that are striving to grow internationally and diversify their business/investment interests. Our Partners are highly experienced in their respective sectors and they also bring multi-disciplinary capabilities from their prior consulting, banking, and investing careers. As a result, we are able to deliver an integrated growth solution consisting of strategy, operational improvement, business development and capital-raising with a very efficient resourcing model.

2014 Sector Snapshots


(Indranil Ghosh, Olivier Jarry, Michele McHugh-Mazzatta)

Our Healthcare business achieved exceptional growth in 2014. As a result, Tiger Hill Healthcare (THH) was spun-off as an independent entity to drive our major investment and advisory activities in this space. The team’s most significant achievement this year was to forge long-term, business-building partnerships with two US-based digital healthcare companies. In Life Sciences, we are very excited to have formed a Joint Venture with Skipta, the leading developer of social networks for verified healthcare specialists. 15 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies and chain pharmacies already use Skipta as a platform for rich communications with specialized customers. The THH-Skipta JV will bring Skipta’s business model to Europe and the rest of the world. In the Healthcare Provision space, THH signed a business development agreement with SnapMD, an LA-based company pioneering virtual Connected Care between health systems and their patients. The strategic partnership coincides with an inflection point in the adoption of virtual medical consultations in US and EMEA .

Our Healthcare team has also advised a variety of Life Sciences companies and Providers on commercialization. THH supported Pfizer, Sanofi, Roche, The Medicines Company and Fibrocell on adjacency strategies, brand re-vitalization, market access and product launch in the US. In Dubai, we advised a major business group to expand its chain of healthcare clinics. Our commercial advisory work is set to expand significantly in 2015 and will be enriched by the increasing density of our investments and partnerships in Big Data, Research and Analytics and other aspects of the digital healthcare ecosystem.

Energy and Industrial

(Robert Savarese, Indranil Ghosh, Luca Barbi)

Tiger Hill’s Energy and Industrial initiatives received a significant boost under the new leadership of Robert “Bobby” Savarese. Bobby brings 35 years of experience in the Oil and Gas, Renewables, Construction and Logistics businesses spanning US, Europe, and Middle East. Tiger Hill is particularly effective in applying its Growth Blueprint methodology in this capital-intensive sector. Our clients are typically multi-national, multi-business companies that must streamline the complexities of their business model while building capabilities in adjacent sectors and high-potential geographies. Growth Blueprint is a turnkey solution to accelerate long-term growth by addressing these challenges. The growth journey typically begins with a strategic and portfolio management review that focuses scarce capital and human resources on the highest potential growth areas. As capital and management bandwidth is gradually liberated, the company begins its entry into new markets and adjacent businesses. During this phase, THC provides critical partnership in business development, access to capital and organizational development/governance. In the past year, THC has applied Growth Blueprint in the Energy, Infrastructure, and Industrials sectors.

In Energy, THC advised on the turnaround of a large UK gas storage business and is engaged in an ongoing portfolio optimization effort with a leading Middle East Oil Company. In Infrastructure, our investment in a leading African telecom towers company (IHS Towers) continues to thrive. Recently, we expanded our infrastructure activities by partnering with a leading global real estate firm to build an adjacent business in Infrastructure. In Industrials, THC has an ongoing relationship with Mattei, a manufacturer of energy-efficient compressors, to grow its business in Europe. In the coming year, THC and Mattei will jointly explore expansion opportunities in new markets. Finally, THC also helped a UK-based scientific instruments company to rationalize its complex product portfolio and accelerate it global growth through acquisition.
In 2015, THC will focus on applying Growth Blueprint to mid-to-large Energy and Industrials clients pursuing global growth and diversification strategies. We will also be forging partnerships with innovative technology companies that provide solutions to critical issues (e.g., high-efficiency purification of industrial waste water). Read our white paper here


(Luca Barbi, Giuseppe Verdoni)

THC’s Luxury sector is led by Luca Barbi and focuses on Luxury hospitality and products. The flagship project in luxury is ‘Il Tosco’, a unique boutique hotel experience which has been voted one of the top 10 hotels on booking.com and is generating over 15% yield in its second year of operation. The luxury team is engaging investors to replicate this winning model with larger projects in Siena and Cortona.


(Giuseppe Verdoni, Indranil Ghosh)

In Food, THC is active in both the upstream and downstream parts of the value chain. Giuseppe Verdoni has led THC’s efforts in London and Dubai to develop innovative retail food concepts that emphasize healthy and convenient meal options. Meanwhile, Indranil Ghosh has been advising a South Asian government on a national scale sustainable agriculture program. 2015 will be an exciting year for THC in the Food sector as we begin to build businesses food production and retailing businesses in earnest.

Talent and Communications

(Priyanka Ghosh, Gerald Mosely, Terry Brown, Shaun Brazendale, Luca Barbi)

ProMelior is Tiger Hill Capital’s platform for talent, organizational development, and communications. It is a one-stop resource for clients trying to add rigor to these functional areas as critical enablers of sustainable growth. Under the leadership of Priyanka Ghosh, ProMelior has significantly expanded its revenues and footprint in 2014. Gerald Mosely’s arrival to the team strengthened ProMelior’s presence in the US and brought extensive sales training know-how to the firm. Terry Brown continues to be active in the Australian market and supports Luca Barbi in the GCC. ProMelior has also brought on board Shaun Brazendale to bring a digital angle to its marketing and communications offerings.
In addition to supporting Tiger Hill clients in the US and EU with leadership coaching and digital marketing, ProMelior is providing training services to one of the Big 4 consulting firms in the UK. In the GCC, ProMelior is building the HR function of a large district cooling company as well as the organizational development function of a major UAE utility.

Looking Ahead

The overriding imperative for Tiger Hill Capital in 2015 will be Growth. We have an exciting slate of business-building partnerships to pursue with our clients. In addition, THC will focus its own growth efforts in 3 areas:

    • Grow the team in Continental Europe and Middle East.
    • Grow our footprint in the West Coast of the US and South Asia. We anticipate that our simmering pipeline in these regions will generate the first batch of significant projects.
    • Grow our base of clients and investors.


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